#PlantEatRepeat March 2021

It's time for the garden to get up and go and March is the month when everything is waking up and moving!


In this box you have 5 gorgeous veggies:

  • Black Cherry Tomatoes
  • Sturon Storage Onions
  • Twinkle Pea
  • Lobjoit's Green Cos Lettuce
  • Cultivated Rocket


Here is a video showing you how to sow each of the seeds:

You can find your PDF guides by clicking on each vegetable below in turn:







Do join us over on the Plant Eat Repeat Facebook group and share your triumphs and tribulations!

Every month on the 15th at 8pm there will be a group zoom call where I can answer all your questions and we can troubleshoot issues and celebrate our wins as a community! The zoom link will be posted in the Plant Eat Repeat group and emailed out to you.


Happy Growing!