#PlantEatRepeat December 2020

Welcome to the final box of 2020!


Here are your growing guides and supporting documents for this box.


Included in your box:

Leek - Porbella

Cauliflower - Snowball

Broad Bean - Masterpiece Green Longpod

Pepper -  Cyklon

Garlic - Carcassonne Wight


Garlic Carcassonne Wight:

A hardneck garlic that performs brilliantly in the UK climate. Has 12-14 pink coloured cloves per bulb. Each clove has good skin cover and a lovely bouquet and character.

Find your Growing Guide for Garlic here.



Broad Bean Masterpiece Green Longpod:

A green seeded variety with excellent flavour. This is a heavy cropping variety with (the name says it) long pods that will grow well throughout the UK.

Find your Growing Guide for Broad Beans here.



Pepper Cyklon:

A curved pepper that turns from green to red. It has excellent flavour and a lovely heat that is excellent in cooked dishes but can be eaten raw by the braver among us. Makes an excellent salsa.

Find Your Growing Guide for Peppers here.



Cauliflower Snowball:

A super early dwarfing variety of cauliflower, perfect for small gardens.

Find your Growing Guide for Cauliflower here.



Leek Porbella:

A leek developed with home growers in mind. It's super duper cold hardy and resistant to rust, a disease that often afflicts leek, meaning one less thing to worry about!

Find your Growing Guide for Leeks here