Join the Plant Eat Repeat Revolution!

Have you always wanted to grow your own food but find yourself super strapped for time and stressed at the prospect of trying to figure out what to grow and when?

The Plant Eat Repeat Quarterly Vegetable Seed Subscription Box has been developed JUST for you!
You can sign up Here.
The Plant Eat Repeat Subscription only opens a few times each year with just 20 spots opening each time, so do grab yours before they go!
Home grown veggies with kids

Every 3 months you'll get a selection of 5 seed varieties that:

Are ready to be sown when they arrive through your letterbox so you never have to worry about sowing your veggie seeds at the wrong time again
Contain enough seeds per pack to feed the average family of four in that vegetable for a year *
Come with FULL written and video growing instructions
Includes access to the Plant Eat Repeat Online Community filled with lots of people just like you!
Here we share what works and doesn't, tips and tricks and lots of exclusive content
Give you total food snob bragging rights when you get to serve amazing home grown veggies to your friends.
Plant Eat Repeat Garden 

As part of the Plant Eat Repeat Online Community You also get access to:

An exclusive live video call once a month within the group
Priority access to advice and answers to questions
Be the first to know about what is going on in the world of grow your groceries, get exclusive offers and behind the scenes insights.
Sign up now here for £17.99 per quarter.
Please note the plant eat repeat subscription is hosted by PayPal, you may be asked to sign into your account when you click on the link.
You will be charged quarterly.

What our clients say:

plant eat repeat review
A clients garden - plant eat repeat subscription box
A clients garden.
Join now and make growing your own easy Here.
* For some larger items such as potatoes, garlic etc this may not be the case due to packaging restrictions.